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We would like to get the blog rolling again, so I am asking for you input, please message our facebook page, , with any questions or issues you would like to see us address on here!

Tattoos are a wonderful thing!

Tattoos are so much more than what they used to be. In this day in age they are a real and true art form, making many people living walks of art. It is truly beautiful the way that ink and skin can come together into something beautiful and timeless.
The entire tattooing experience is so much more than just the art as well. Many people find it to be therapeutic and relaxing. Despite the pain that some tattoos bring a lot of people look at it as a sense of accomplishment. They feel proud of themselves for completing this milestone, and they should be.
The meaning of tattoo is more than just what it appears to be on the skin. It is a way of documenting that person’s time and place in their life, maybe reminding them of an important lesson learned or something else that they need reminding of. Tattoos are permanent, yes, but it is a great way to archive those things that mean the most to you.
I think the most important thing about tattoos, is that they are yours, and no one can take them away from you. Once it is done, it’s done, and there is nothing that can change it. It is a unique and profound privilege to have that one souvenir that you can take with you, always, even in death.

We offer gift certificates!

It is that wonderful time of year again! You can feel Christmas in the air and it is time to start surprising your loved ones with that one thing they want the most. Here at Level Up Tattoo we are happy to offer gift certificates. That way you can give that tattoo lover in the family exactly what they want, and it will also give them a way to think of you always once it is inked on them forever! Stop in and see us today and we will help you make your tattoo lover’s dream a reality :)

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Our dedication

Business has been amazing! We are very thankful for our super loyal and awesome customers who continue to show amazing support. We don’t take this business of tattooing lightly. We just want you to know that every tattoo matters to us, we aren’t out to make money off you and get you through here as quickly as possible.
When it is your turn to sit in the chair, that is your time. It is important to us that you know that. On your special day of getting a tattoo that is the time that is just for you. That is why the shop manager is there to take care of any questions other customers might have and to handle anything that the artist needs, that way nothing takes away from your experience or your tattoo. Because of this dedication, if you come in and Pablo is unavailable, please know that a good time to talk to him is normally around noon. You can catch him before he starts tattooing for the day! Once Pablo gets started tattooing the day is normally consumed by it as we try to schedule so that everyone gets in as soon as possible. Also, please understand that your drawing will be done as soon as is possible before your tattoo. We have a large volume of customers and every one gets a custom drawing. Rest assured that your piece will be ready and if there are any changes that need to be made we will be happy to do them. We work very hard to make your tattoo and your tattoo experience one that you will enjoy! Thank you for being our customer!

How much will my tattoo cost?

In today’s economy this is a very valid and important question. A tattoo is a life investment, it will be on your body forever, and here at Level Up Tattoo we make sure that investment is one you can enjoy for many years. There is no easy way to price a tattoo and most of the time pricing a tattoo involves how much time the piece will take, where it is going, and how much detail is involved. This is why it is hard for a tattoo artist to give you a ball park even when they don’t have a drawing. This is also why at Level Up Tattoo we will draw your piece first and then give you a price, that way it is more accurate. Keep in mind that when it comes to pricing a tattoo, the artist is going to price it based on your expectations at the time you are asking. So if the day of your tattoo comes and you decide to change the design, the size of the design, or the placement of the tattoo the price will also change based on those decisions. Also keep in mind that when an artist gives you a ball park estimate, it is just that, an estimate. Please understand that sometimes the price will change or deviate from that estimate based on other factors. Here at Level Up Tattoo we work hard to price fairly, and we love seeing you guys come back again and again. Thank you to our wonderful customers for their growing and continued support!

Keep up with us!

Level Up Tattoo is on facebook as well as twitter and we are always posting pictures, questions of the day, and other interesting little tid bits for you! We love interaction with our customers and talking to them as much as is possible, stop by our facebook sometime and check us out :)

Got an idea?

We are here for you! Come in with your ideas and book an appointment, that way you can get the custom design you deserve! We have awesome resources for you including an amazing artist who will make your tattoo dreams come true, and we have a computer so you can look up any references or pictures to help us understand your idea! We are always here to help you, feel free to stop in, our hours are noon to midnight, everyday but Tuesday!

The summer may be winding down…. but that’s okay!

The summer seems to be going at an alarming speed towards being finished. It seems like just yesterday we were at the beginning of June, with nothing but 3 carefree sunshine filled months ahead of us. Don’t fret though, because although the summer may be winding down, that means we are getting into that near perfect season for tattooing. That’s right the fall and winter time. These seasons are sometimes the best to get tattooed, for one thing you will be less tempted to go swimming, for another you will be more likely to protect your fresh tattoo from the elements. Why not start preparing for the summer of 2012 now, get your awesome tattoo ideas together and come and see us. That way when the ides of winter have passed and it is once again time to show off some skin, you will get to show off some new ink as well. Come and see us with your ideas, we would be happy to help!

Feeding your tattoo addiction…

When you come in to Level Up Tattoo we want you to be comfortable. We work hard to provide you with a clean and easy going atmosphere to get tattooed in. You will be greeted and treated with respect. You and your tattoo design are special and we want your tattoo to be as great as you envision it or better!
When you lay down a deposit of $20 and schedule your appointment, you will get a custom drawing, drawn just for you and never used on anyone else again. We work very hard to make your tattoo experience unique and special and we value your business very much!
When you are getting tattooed we will try our best to keep you entertained and relaxed through the duration of your experience, we want you to have a great one!
After your tattoo is done we promise to be here for you if you have any questions or concerns, never hesitate to call or stop in!
Most of all we love our customers and work hard to treat them right, we hope to see you again and again to feed your tattoo addiction, thank you for choosing Level Up Tattoo!

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